Invisible Stalker and The Trouble with In-Laws

A couple of between campaign shorts feature in this month’s update. Both Invisible Stalker and The Trouble with In-Laws are adventures from the pages of Dungeon magazine, a resource which I used a lot for exactly this kind of thing.

Invisible Stalker was a fun one-shot which for a change only took one session, while The Trouble with In-Laws, a more substantial outing originally titled “Mercy Mission” in order to conceal the plot from the players, went on for three sessions. In The Trouble with In-Laws the party demonstrates how not to be a detective as they ignore a huge array of clues and evidence yet somehow manage to stumble their way to the denoument. I enjoy running detective plots and especially city / town adventures but I found myself re-considering a little after this one. :)

The character of D’Ayve is actually Luura who will appear in the subsequent sessions, Dave was unable to attend the first session at short notice so this grumpy DM just plugged in a variant of his name for his character.

Featuring, in both adventures…

Simon as Larry - Human MU
Andy as Llewelyn - Human Cleric
Dave as Luura - Human MU (dressmaker)
Karim as Lello - Elven Cleric
Alex as LooLoo - Human Fighter
Malcolm as Len - Halfling Thief