Clarshh's Sepulchre

Session 1 of Clarshh was in March 1998 and began in Greyhawk City.
It was written by Willie Walsh and published in Dungeon magazine 53.

I hadn't run a D&D game in years at this point and certainly hadn't DM'ed AD&D 2e before so I opted for a romp through the wilderness with a search for a hidden tomb as the main feature in the hope that it wouldn't get too complicated. I have edited the text a little to tidy it up but left the mixed up tenses and nervous prose style since (I like to think) it gradually got better with practice.

We started with the following players…

Simon playing Andrea
Karim playing Raven
Andy playing Astra
Steve playing Galen
Dave playing Alvin

Session 3 added…
Alex playing Zeppo

Session 5 added…
Rachel playing Cassandra

Brian Parker, January 2023