The Star Cairns 8-17

Having dealt with the bandit situation in their first cairn the group went on to discover the cairn of The Dedicated Student (sessions 8-17), further exploring the background and rationale of the cairns as they continued their investigations into the history of these enigmatic constructions. Sean Reynold's adventure continues to impress with its imagination and scope as a truly memorable NPC is introduced.

A third very much needed Cleric (Columbus) joins the group as Jan comes onboard for the first time.


Simon as Andrea - Ranger
Andy as Astra - MU/Thief
Malcolm as Hemegretham - Fighter
Dave as Alvin - MU/Cleric
Karim as Raven - MU/Fighter
Alex as Zeppo - Cleric
Jan as Columbus - Cleric

The Star Cairns 1-7

So we reach the beginning of the main campaign, The Star Cairns. This is a fantastic module by Sean Reynolds with separate sub-modules (the different Star Cairns) and many hooks into other possibilities and connections to Greyhawk lore. I would use this as a framework to run games with this group for the next couple of years with their adventures in the southern Domain of Greyhawk around the town of Hardby being the focus of attention. The campaign would run for 41 sessions finishing in early 2001.

The Message
The plot clue from Bladestar was the message intercepted by the party from the haunt spirit of the messenger of Iuz directing the recipient to search for the Star Cairn sites in the lower Abor-Alz foothills to the south of the Plain of Greyhawk, where they might uncover the components of the three-part deadly weapon so desired by the evil dictator and oh… untold riches and secrets too. At least we think that’s what he said… There was only one way to find out so the party took passage on a southbound Rhenee barge and sailed off to investigate.


Simon as Andrea
Andy as Astra
Malcolm as Hemegretham
Dave as Alvin
Karim as Raven
Alex as Zeppo