Border Watch 7-9

With the likely source of the plot revealed, the Adventurers head off to The Cragson Mines to see what they can discover in the exciting concluding parts of the Border Watch series.

This adventure was an absolute pleasure for me to run. The players threw themselves into the characters fully exploiting the alignment system as a source of inspiration rather than the often derided 'straitjacket' some describe it as. Coupled with a truly tense final showdown it made for a highly memorable, exciting and fun adventure.

Border Watch 5-6

Parts 5 and 6 of Border Watch find the adventuring caravan guards struggling on through the Batlet and Barduk stages of the journey, fighting off all-comers and finding some unusual allies.

Border Watch 3-4

In parts 3 and 4 of Border Watch, the wagon train continues its journey along the border endeavouring to establish the pre-war trade route. The way becomes rather more "exciting" as they travel and some intriguing nuggets of information emerge.

Border Watch 1-2

Set in Greyhawk, Border Watch is up there amongst my favourite modules. Written by Paul T. Riegel, it follows the activities of a party of adventurers hired on as border caravan guards in an attempt to re-establish a viable trade route in the wake of the recently concluded Greyhawk Wars. The action takes place on the Furyondy/Iuz border and draws heavily on the background of the From The Ashes boxed set, which I fortunately have in my library of RPGs.

The adventurers take to the road on a seemingly straightforward mission in the new post war realities of the border area but as is often the case, there is more to this than meets the eye.

I will be posting these files in shorter batches of a couple at a time. Here are the first two episodes and the adventure preamble. I hope you enjoy re-living this really excellent adventure!


Andy as Solipsis
Dave as Bod
Jan as Rufus
Malcolm as Ryanair
Simon as Sir James Foad
Karim as Snatch

The Doomgrinder 38-41

The Star Cairns Campaign approaches the denouement as the party set out for The Doomgrinder, the fabled location where our heroes test their mettle against the dark forces working to destroy Greyhawk. Editing these write-ups caused me to relive those adventures and I found myself imagining the party bickering, bantering and fighting their way through the treacherous Cairn Hills east of Greyhawk City. There was something quite gritty about this part of the campaign and I hope I managed to maintain the mood with my heavily modified version of this published module, since like many GMs I wasn't satisfied with the published rationale and wanted something … more, to make a decently epic end to our campaign.


Simon as Andrea - Ranger
Andy as Avon - MU/Thief
Malcolm as Hemegretham - Fighter
Dave as Alvin - MU/Cleric
Alex as Zeppo - Cleric
Jan as Joe - Fighter