The Star Cairns 28-33

The stakes continue to rise as the heroes head to their 4th Star Cairn, featuring extra-planar phenomena, avoiding desert raiders and dealing with rampaging golems as they go. Generally known to us as The Planar Cairn this one managed to top even the 3rd Cairn and its Beholder master for nail-biting moments as we moved out of the early levels and into what felt like more of a mid-level game. The second half of the adventure finds us back in my beloved Greyhawk City intriguing with the group’s contacts and trying to discover who it is that wants them dead so badly.

AD&D 2e continued to support us allowing allowing all sorts of fun and odd activities within the scope of its detailed rules, reminding me of how much I still like this version of D&D even if I don’t use it regularly these days.


Simon as Andrea - Ranger
Andy as Astra - MU/Thief
Andy as Avon - MU/Thief
Malcolm as Hemegretham - Fighter
Dave as Alvin - MU/Cleric
Karim as Raven - MU/Fighter
Alex as Zeppo - Cleric
Jan as Joe - Fighter