Border Watch Writeups

Set in Greyhawk, Border Watch is up there amongst my favourite modules. Written by Paul T. Riegel, it follows the activities of a party of adventurers hired on as border caravan guards in an attempt to re-establish a viable trade route in the wake of the recently concluded Greyhawk Wars. The action takes place on the Furyondy/Iuz border and draws heavily on the background of the From The Ashes boxed set, which I fortunately have in my library of RPGs.

The adventurers take to the road on a seemingly straightforward mission in the new post war realities of the border area but as is often the case, there is more to this than meets the eye.

There are nine parts to the adventure and I'll be posting them a few weeks apart.

29th April 2002
7th May 2002
13th May 2002
20th May 2002
27th May 2002
10th June 2002
24th June 2002
8th July 2002
29th July 2002