The Doomgrinder Writeups

The Star Cairns Campaign approaches the denouement as the party set out for The Doomgrinder, the last in the Lost Tombs series of modules and the finale for our Star Cairns Campaign.

The Doomgrinder was a 1998 WotC (just after they had acquired TSR) published module, written by Steve Miller as the last of the Lost Tombs series which begins with The Star Cairns. Since our group didn't pick up the clues leading to The (optional) Crypt of Lyzandred The Mad we went straight to the Doomgrinder since the adventurers had acquired all of the parts they needed for a chance of success.

The Doomgrinder module is somewhat controversial in that many GMs, myself included couldn't take the premise seriously and decided to heavily edit the plot leaving out the main feature as written. In any event, this is The Doomgrinder, the thrilling and deadly finale to our Star Cairns Campaign.

5th December 2000
16th January 2001
23rd January 2001
12th February 2001