The developing timeline of games as revealed by ongoing delvings into my RPG files


Clarshh’s Sepulchre
30th March - 16th June
Galen, Andrea, Astra, Raven, Alvin, Zeppo, Cassandra

One Winter’s Night
24th November - 1st December
Talon, Blok, Ozone, Bumbletum, Academius


16th February - 16th March
Andrea, Astra, Alvin, Hemegretham, Zeppo

The Heart of Al Rakim
Raven, Astra, Andrea

The Star Cairns 1-7
23rd March - 25th May
Andrea, Astra, Alvin, Hemegretham, Zeppo, Raven

The Star Cairns 8-17
24th August - 25th October
Andrea, Astra, Alvin, Hemegretham, Zeppo, Raven, Columbus


Invisible Stalker
15th February
Len, LooLoo, Larry, Llewellyn, Rasputin

The Trouble with In-Laws (Mercy Mission)
14th March - 28th March
Len, LooLoo, Larry, Llewellyn, Rasputin, D’Ayve, Lello

The Star Cairns 18-27
25th April - 27th June
Andrea, Astra, Alvin, Hemegretham, Zeppo, Raven, Columbus RIP, Joe

The Star Cairns 28-37
13th July - 21st November
Andrea, Astra RIP, Alvin, Hemegretham, Zeppo, Raven, Joe, Avon


The Doomgrinder, Star Cairns 38-41
5th December (2000) - 12th February
Andrea, Astra (back from the dead), Alvin, Hemegretham, Zeppo, Raven, Joe, Avon


The Bandits of Rill
28th January - 22nd April
Arkell, Bod, Rufus, Ryanair, Sir James Foad, Snatch

Border Watch
24th April - 29th July
Solipsis, Bod, Rufus, Ryanair, Sir James Foad, Snatch


The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
6th July - 24th August
Hilda, Clyde, Jonquil, Neminem


The Haunting (Call of Cthulhu)
17th November - 28th November
Araminta "Minty" Rochester, Jackson Wolfe


Winter's Daughter
27th April - 15th June
Fenella, Vlad, Reme, Angus

The Incandescent Grottoes
22nd June - 7th September
Fenella, Vlad, Reme, Angus

The Barrowmaze
20th September - ongoing
Fenella, Vlad (RIP), Reme, Angus (RIP), Gerald, Sir Leonidas

PC’s involved in these adventures

AD&D 2e…
Galen (Steve) - Male Elf Fighter
Andrea (Simon) - Female Half-Elf Ranger
Astra (Andy) - Female Elf Magic User/Thief
Avon (Andy) - Male Elf Magic User/Thief
Raven (Karim) - Male Elf Fighter/Magic User
Alvin (Dave) - Male Half-Elf Magic User/Cleric
Zeppo (Alex) - Male Human Priest
Cassandra (Rachel) - Female Half-Elf Fighter
Hemegretham (Malcolm) - Male Human Fighter
Columbus (Jan) - Male Human Cleric
Joe (Jan) - Male Human Fighter
Len (Malcolm) - Male Halfling Thief
LooLoo (Alex) - Male Human Fighter
Larry (Simon) - Male Human MU
Llewellyn (Andy) - Male Human Cleric
Rasputin (Jan) - Male Human Fighter
Luura (Dave) - Female Human MU/Dressmaker
Lello (Karim) - Male Human Cleric
Talon (Simon)
Blok (Dave)
Ozone (Alex)
Bumbletum (Karim) - Male Halfling
Academius (Malcolm) - Male Human
Keswick (Brian) - Male Human Druid
Ffaern (Brian) - Male Elf MU/Cleric
Arkell (Brian) - Male Dwarf Cleric
Solipsis (Andy)
Bod (Dave)
Rufus (Jan)
Ryanair (Malcolm)
Sir James Foad (Simon)
Snatch (Karim)
Hilda (Liz)
Clyde (Alex)
Jonquil (Rachel)
Neminem (Malcolm)

Fenella (Rachel) - Female Human Druid
Vlad (Alex) - Male Human Fighter
Reme (Malcolm) - Male Human Ranger
Angus (Simon) - Male Human Ranger
Sir Leonidas (Alex) - Male Human Knight
Gerald (Simon) - Male Human Paladin

Call of Cthulhu…
Araminta "Minty" Rochester (Rachel) - Librarian
Jackson Wolfe (Alex) - Private Investigator